Something I Find Challenging

As I have been getting older, and have to express the way I feel towards certain things, I have found that I have a difficult time communicating my thoughts or emotions in words. I usually express myself in actions, but once somebody asks to describe how I am feeling, my mind goes blank. I can never find the words to explain myself!

I have noticed that very often I will say “I don’t know” to something I do know but just don’t know how to explain it. My mom gets upset when I do that. She tries to get me to try harder to communicate my thoughts, or express my thoughts into words, but for some reason it still seems like a difficult task.

This bad ‘habit’ tends to confuse a lot of people into thinking I don’t care. Sometimes my cousin or best friends will tell me about an issue they had and I do not know how to respond, therefore I will say something along the lines of “aaah”. It’s not that I don’t care I just can’t find the words I’m looking for.

To be honest, I talk all the time! Most people who know me tell me to be quiet or say that I’m too hyper! I’m just not into giving my opinion unless I feel it’s necessary to speak up. I have no trouble speaking my mind. Maybe I’m just so neutral and understanding, that seeing both sides of the story makes it hard to be opinionated!

(Honestly I had a hard time writing this and it took me a while to come up with the right words to say!)

Let’s just not even talk about it.

Semester one = done

I’m kinda happy this semester is done, but I’m gonna miss having Mrs. Cloutier as a teacher! I really learnt a lot in this class. I learnt how to be quicker at writing tests, improved on writing essays and just learnt some good life skills for the future! Hope everyone does great next semester! 🙂


The year went by so fast! So yesterday we had our test on To Kill A Mockingbird. I had trouble with the matching answers. Today we split into groups and made a list of characteristics of the different characters in Lord Of The Flies. After that we quickly went over notes for chapter 2 of the book.

Last week till Christmas Break!!!

So there’s only one week left of school until Christmas break and I’m super excited! Every day feels like Friday right now and it’s getting me mad cause it’s actually not! Also the Christmas dance is tomorrow which is exciting!! So basically this week we’ve been working on To Kill A Mockingbird. We separated into groups and read certain chapters then presented a summary of them to the class for them to take notes. Now we started the movie! So far it’s alright. It would be better if it wasn’t in black and white but I guess its old so that’s alright!

December 8th

So today we had a supply teacher. We had to read chapter 10 of To Kill a Mockingbird and write notes about it. We had to write some new vocabulary, characters, and a plot graph. Then we had to answer questions about it from our handout. I didn’t have time to do that in class so I guess it will be homework for me!