Cue for Treason

So far I’m at chapter seven. What has happened at this point is that Peter had to get away from home because Sir Philip is looking for him. Peter went to a play and hid in a box but now the actors found him and asked him to tag along with them. A new character came in the story now, Kit Kirkstone. I think he’s evil !! He wrote a letter to Sir Philip so i think he’s suspicious.

Cue for Treason Chapter 1

Peter is a 14 year old boy and the youngest son of an English farmer who lives in Cumberland. Peter and his family have owned their farm land for as long as Peter can remember. However, after a young, rich man named Sir Philip, inherits his  grandfathers farm, the story soon becomes interesting and keeps you wanting to read on.

Peter, his family and other farmers experience a thrilling night in chapter one that might change their lives forever. Peter is brave and confident. He is a dare devil and likes the excitement and curiosity that he is about to encounter.